Robotics Review Week Two

After kickoff, things started to pick up during Week 2 and the hustle kicked in. On the ST side, Fabrication continued the field elements and prepared for assembly of the drive base. CAD worked on the design of our intake, elevator, and climbing mechanism, sent parts out for the drive base, and started parts for mechanisms on Solidworks. Electronics was hard at work testing members on basic controls systems, strengthening their understanding of knowledge to prepare for rushed conditions experienced later in the season. Programmers worked out issues with the robot drive base code and strategy finished the feature of saving data on the scouting app.


This week we held our first STEAM workshop at Dry Creek, which was a success! We had Bird Brains work with 70 kids to get them involved in fun activities including STEAM education and we will continue these workshops and more throughout the season. We also started our Duplo Lego Drive, in collaboration with Buchanan’s Key Club, to bring in toys for kids at the Valley Children’s Hospital. We’re really excited to visit the children in February! Back at headquarters, Finance finalized the business plan and finished chairman’s questions and Outreach planned the next STEAM workshop while Media continued executing their rigorous filming and editing schedule for vlogs.

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