Meet Our Leaders

Team 1671 is an organization lead solely by students who aspire to be future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.
Listed below are the 2022-2023 leaders of the Buchanan Bird Brains, click on the chief positions to learn more about each position.

How Do We Select Our Chiefs and Directors

Each of our Student Leaders undergo a week long process that begins with creating an application for the position(s) they desire to get and cover letter and ends in an 20 minute interview with a group of mentors, coaches and significant alumni. This group then chooses the leaders they think will benefit the team the best.

Erica Kokor

Chief Executive Officer

Elliot Khamvilaythong

Chief Marketing Officer

Jack Tuttle

Director of Videography

Caroline Keppler

Chief Operations Officer

Samathasri Boggula

Director of FIRST Outreach

Miranda Renteria

Director of Outreach

Juddiah Urbano

Chief Design Officer

Ben Alcala

Director of Fabrication

Noor Riar

Director of Strategy

Sanmeet Deol

Chief Assembly Officer

Colby Olsen

Director of Programming

Adam Goff

Director of Electronics

We need your help!

Although Team 1671 is a student-lead robotics team, we need professionals with mechanical engineering and business backgrounds to mentor us! If you would like to mentor our team, visit our workshop, or learn more, please contact us.