Robotics Review Week 3

1 Down. 2 Down. And now 3 Down. During this third week, our ST side made major strides. The fabrication subgroup put the finishing touches on the drive bases’s rails, welded the drive bases together, put the “belly cam” onto this year’s robot, and helped our FRC counterparts in machining their parts as wekk. Electronics spent a portion of the week educating members belonging to other subgroups regarding the basics of electronics, continued necessary preparation for the battery’s wiring, and mapped out the electrical needs for the robot, itself. Programmers continued working on the scouting app, prioritizing the bluetooth code, saving functions, and finding solutions to problems in the app’s user interface. CAD finished their GGG, “Go Go Gadget,” continued working on their elevator design, educating themselves on the interworkings of Libreoffice, and, even in the frenzy of build season, continued to help out other local FRC teams.


Week 3 continued the trend of successful STEAM workshops at area elementary schools that hosted 87 students total. This week, workshops took place at Dry Creek Elementary, 60 students, and Olmos Elementary, 27 students, that featured fun activities involving STEAM. We made major contributions to our joint project with Buchanan Key Club: The Duplo Drive, which benefits children currently receiving treatment at magnet hospital, Valley Children’s. At 1671 HQ, the Bird Brains are taking major steps in finishing the 2019 Chairman’s Binder and making weekly Vlogs to keep sponsors, members, and supporters informed about the state of Team 1671.  Looking forward, Outreach will continue planning new, engaging activities for elementary STEAM workshops to aid in the cultivation of young minds.

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