Robotics Review Week 5

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With week 5 coming to an end, the Bird Brains finished the week strong. Fabrication worked on finishing the drive bases for both Doc and Molly, assembling gearboxes and GGG during the week. The fabrication Bird Brains also assisted teams 3495 and 3303 by machining parts for them in the shop. Programming had a hectic week, but they were able to pull through. The Bird Brains worked on the scouting app that is being made for competition and writing the robot operation control code. Electronics worked to teach kids from other subgroups the basics of electronics. Electronics also helped other subgroups with any work that need to be done and towards the ends of the week they began planning the electronics for the robot. CAD had a very busy week as well, but they were able to persevere. The CAD Bird Brains worked on finishing the design for the intake, GGG, and sending out part designs to have them machined by Fab


Just like the ST side of the time, IR had a very busy week. IR began pit training for all of the members. The media kids filmed clips for the vlog and part of a skit. Events worked on planning for the next STEAM Showcase and planned a new workshop in Fresno. The Bird Brains are trucking through build season and are ready to take week 6 head on.

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