Buchanan Bird Brains

FIRST® Robotics Competition Team 1671

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Learn About Our Robots

Team 1671, the Buchanan Bird Brains, is a FIRST® Robotics Competition team located in Clovis, California. We make it our purpose to spread the appreciation of Science and Technology throughout our community.
Watch our first ever Team Documentary, 1671: Building the Bird’s Nest! Featuring 11 interviewees from different eras of Team 1671’s history, this documentary strives to tell the story of Team 1671’s 19 year journey and counting.

Upcoming Events

San Fransico Regional: March 8 – 10
Central Valley Regional: March 22 – 24

First Flight Workshops

The Bird Brain’s First Flight Workshop is a fun and interactive way for young students to learn the principles we use in robotics!

We need your help!

Team 1671 is a nonprofit organization; however, our team spends about $100,000 a year in order to properly function. The expenses include material costs, competition fees, and travel costs. With your tax deductible donation, you can help these future engineers and scientist pursue their dreams of making the Central Valley a hub of flourishing STEM programs and businesses.