Two weeks until CVR!

As spring gets closer, some birds migrate from the north to the south – just like how our team is entering back into competition season and getting ready for the Central Valley Regional with only two weeks left in the build season!


ST Update

Our Fabrication team is building the elevator and assembling the arm in addition to finishing the charge station. CAD traveled to Madera to learn from a local FRC team, Madtown Robotics and documented their work for our engineering binder. The electronics subgroup has been busy working on an electronics documentation manual and making parts on our Shop Sabre. Lastly, our strategy subgroup has been teaching members how to pit scout and started working with CAD on the engineering binder.


IR Update

Our IR team submitted questions and an essay for the most prestigious award in FIRST: The Impact award! Most of our subgroups have been busy working on our Workshop in a Box (WIB) and preparing for our Open House. Outreach is almost finished assembling the boxes and started translating the workshop manual into Spanish! Additionally, the media subgroup has been diligently updating our build season timeline pages for our Impact binder. Lastly, our team submitted our merchandise order hoping to receive everything before Open House. Speaking of, feel free to stop by on March 5th for our annual Open House to be the first to see our robot and Impact presentation! You can RSVP here or @FRC1671 | Linktree.

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