Robotics Review Week 4

With less than 2 weeks to go, the Buchanan Bird Brains started off Week 4 of build season strong. Throughout the week, fabrication focused on assembling and machining parts for the robot’s drive base as well as for the superstructure for the elevator mechanism on the robot. Additionally, they spent time to ensure that the shop was clean and organized. Electronics was hard at work organizing their strategy for how they were going to wire the robot components, including wiring batteries and testing gearboxes. The CAD kids continued “Go Go Gadget”, finalized the intake design, and the elevator components. As for strategy, they were able to finalize the bluetooth and user interface on the scouting app. This week, programming coded for various sections of the robot, ranging from trajectory to paths. Bird Brain programmers learned the math necessary for motion profiling, started the Limelight setup, and worked on finding X, Y, and Z coordinates using visual code. Programming once again had a busy week, but most of it was focused on preparation and side jobs on the team rather than the robot itself. But with all of this experience and hard work, programming will be more than ready to set the robot in motion when the time comes.  Overall, it was another busy, productive week for Team 1671.


On the public relations side of the team, Bird Brains continued to power through the Chairman’s binder pages, presentation, and essay. Our team worked to finish all pages on time in order for sufficient revision time. Additionally, our workshop crew took three trips this week. They first headed over to Dry Creek, then to Tarpey, and then to Olmos Elementary in order to host our Bird Brain workshops that introduce elementary school kids to STEAM and its main principles. Just like ST, IR had another jam-packed schedule, but lots of progress was made.

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