January 11th-15th 2015 | Recycle Rush Build Season


On Monday, IR continued to work on the last finishing touches in the Chairman’s Binder. All that’s left to do is conclude writing some entries and add to the supply of merchandise. Tuesday, IR spent more time on the Chairman’s Binder, writing essays, proofreading, and working with photoshop. On Wednesday, IR spent most of their time working on the Robotics Review which they were able to send out to the team’s sponsors to keep them updated on what the team has been doing throughout the week.
The ST side has been keeping very busy these past few days. They have been CADing like there’s no tomorrow to create the last few necessary parts to send out to Harris Manufacturing. Although most time has been spent focusing on CAD, the team has also been creating prototypes. They are currently trying to design a mechanism that can pick up trash bins. Kinks are trying to be worked out to make sure the robot has stability when taking the bins from the landfill to the scoring platforms. ST has also been prototyping the robots drivetrain, continued CADing, creating new parts for our robot, as well as testing the prototype, and started building a case to display our team’s exorbitant number of trophies.

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