January 16th-17th 2015 – Sponsor BBQ | Recycle Rush Build Season

On Friday, IR continued to work on Robotics review, alongside the Chairman’s Essay. CAD ordered parts for the prototype which have arrived on the 17th, and ST continues to work on new ideas with the prototype.


On Saturday the 17th, IR invited sponsors of Team 1671 to the Energy Academy, thus hosting the first ever Bird Brain’s BBQ! Sponsors were served tri-tip, chicken, salad, vegetables and tofu, rice pilaf, and beans and enjoyed the evening in the back of the Energy Academy.

IMG_3894 IMG_3897

IMG_3853 IMG_3876 IMG_3913

As the sponsors and students ate, several team members (Sophia Brodish, Shahe Der Haroutunian, Callie Carbajal, Danielle Carranco) alongside teacher advisor Paul Lake spoke out to the sponsors, highlighting their thankfulness and appreciation for all of their support.


After speeches were made, student representatives sat down with the sponsors and talked to them more about their experience with Team 1671 and FIRST robotics overall. Once all had feasted, the sponsors were lead through the energy academy and given a tour, as well as a robot demonstration with DOC X.


Again, thank you to all of the sponsors whom came out to the Bird Brains Sponsor BBQ, and thank you to the Bird Brain Boosters for helping with the food.


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