January 7th-10th 2015 | Recycle Rush Build Season


Things have been pretty frantic on the ST side, especially for the CAD team. Our cadders have been working avidly, their efforts culminating in the delivery of this season’s first batch of robot parts to Harris Manufacturing. Some of their main projects include the drive train and other major aspects of the robot.

ST has also tackled this year’s top challenges, prototyping the lift mechanism and garbage-can grabber that will be essential to success in the playing field. The team is truly excited to take on the new Control System. We’ve 3D printed the Wildstang’s cable retention clips for use on the new Roborio, and the electronics team has wired the system onto the practice robot for the first time. It’s great to be moving forward with FIRST.

IR has had its own share of work getting the whole team up and running for the 2015 season. They’ve continued with the Chairman’s essay and the Engineering Inspiration binder. The highlight this year, however, is Piggybackr, a fully online means of fundraising. The IR team has continued its work on Vlogs (video-logs) and blogs. They’ve also been busy planning the Sponsor Banquet.

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