On the 24th of January the members of the team continued working on their projects for the robot and award submissions. The Documentation binder began being worked on and photoshopped by the media team. The public relations team finished the Chairman’s presentation script and essay, so first revisions are underway. Woodie Flowers essays are starting to form and plushies started being sewn. The technical side of the team continued working on prototypes for robot mechanisms. The main focus was creating a new intake bar for the robot to test and see how effectively it picks up balls on the field. CAD uploaded parts into GrabCAD so after we are done fixing the CNC Router we can cut them out for Fabrication, also they are working on getting a bumper ring to Fabrication, starting to cad an intake, and maybe get the ball elevator into the CAD program. The electronics team worked with fabrication to make productivity of prototypes move faster, tested the mechanic bar to make sure it rolled and sucked up balls from the dead zone. Fabrication also are applying a mechanism that will take a ball to the elevator in the new robot. Programming continued writing and testing vision code with one of the cameras we have in our shop, which the vision code and robot code are in review. On the 25th CAD worked on prototyping, fixing bumper issues, and are mounting the gear mechanism. Electronics helped Fabrication finalize prototyping for the robot ball channel. Programing was getting the vision code ready for use on the robot.

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