In the past couple days, on the ST side of the Buchanan Bird Brain’s team, programming has been working on our defensive strategies for the robot to use during the upcoming competition, they are also testing the vision code from last year’s robot to see if it is adequate enough to use this year. CAD has been designing the shell of the robot and getting parts shipped for the robot. Their members have also been are working on a gear mechanism for the robot and making placement adjustments to the bumper, as well as finishing the climber so the robot can mount the airship at the competitions. Electronics has been helping programming make prototypes of the boiler as well as organizing parts. Electronics has also been checking to make sure that DOC 12 is working at 100% capability. Fabrication is waiting for parts to build the drive and re-prototyping an exact robot model. They had the freshmen sort and organize parts in the shop, while the rest of the members started manufacturing the hopper and the freeflow mechanism for the robot. And that’s what’s been going on in the nest!

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