Team 1671, The Buchanan Bird Brains, are continuing to make progress within the second week of the build season. The CAD subgroup was working on the robot’s bumper mechanism, while also making drawings for additional parts. After that, the team worked toward finalizing the robot’s drive base. In addition, they were inputting our current prototypes, and redesigned the bumper by mounting bumpers onto the robot. Finally, CAD entered the superstructure of the robot, as well as found a climber mechanism for the robot and began basic constructions of it.  Electronics was assisting programming with the drive train. Fabrication is prototyping the new robot’s ball elevator. Next the team wanted to take inventory and organize new pneumatics/electronics products and materials. They also made dogs for the intake so balls can’t flow outward of the robot, and also tested how durable different materials were for the intake.Our programming team continued working with the fabrication team to power up the prototypes. After that they figured out how to allow vision code to communicate with the robot. Then they continued developing vision code with the reflective tape on the boiler. Our F & IR subgroups are working on various projects. A couple of our members are working on merchandise and our t-shirt design. Internal Affairs is working on our weekly vlog. Members also continued working on binder pages and our game logo for this year. Lastly, our public relations team worked on making bows and buttons for the oncoming season and open house. We also started to prepare for our team’s open house. The Chairman’s team has been working on the presentation script and media members continued photoshopping this year’s designs. The Engineering Documentation binder was given to the media team for updating and to be put into a photoshop layout. As you can tell these past few days have been very busy and we look forward to seeing you on wednesday with a new blog!

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