The Buchanan Bird Brains are hard at work during the second week of our build season. Our Science and Technology subgroups are combining their efforts to make this season a great one. The Computer Aided Design team (CAD) is working on the first revisions for the bumper around the new robot, finalizing drive base, and starting to work on other mechanisms. Electronics members are learning how to solder as well as assisting programming with the drive train. Our programming subgroup is working on the vision tracking and mounting a camera on Doc XII. The Stable Circuits also came to our shop and our programming team helped them with their vision code. The Fabrication part of our team is working on building a hopper, in order to test different ways to get the ball from the hopper, and to our robot’s shooter. In addition, they are prototyping the robot’s ball elevator. Our F & IR subgroups are working on various projects for the past two days. Some of our members are working on merchandise and our t-shirt design. Finally, Internal Affairs is working on our weekly vlog.

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