The Birds started off their second week of the season with more prototype testing! Our public relations team continued working on the Entrepreneurship binder, Chairman’s binder, and the Engineering Documentation binder. The next day, they worked on the upcoming McDonald’s Fundraiser, as well as pricing the merchandise. The Chairman’s video script draft was created yesterday and now a group of people are working on cutting out 45 seconds of the video. Our chairman’s presentation team is beginning to write the presentation script, so they are aiming to fill in the gaps that the chairman’s video doesn’t cover. Foundation worked on finishing editing the team’s first build season vlog, as well as worked on the Engineering Documentation Binder.

CAD are working on revisions and they are finalizing a gear mechanism, Gussets, as well as a climbing mechanism. One of the drive base hopper gear mechanism and shooter now that prototypes have been finished and we have gained knowledge about what mechanisms work and what we need to change in order to optimize our robot. Electronics organized and separated parts, as well as wired up a system that can be later used on the robot. Fabrication also worked on mounting the intake prototype to the hopper prototype to create a complete prototype that will eventually be able to intake balls, hold them, and shoot them. Programming loaded new software onto the new control system as well as developing filters for the team’s vision code.We’ll be back tomorrow with another team update.

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