For the past two days, CAD looked at designs to use for the robot, and they also devised a game plan for the best way to drive and maneuver the robot around the field. In addition, CAD worked with Fabrication to make critical design and strategy decisions, such as who will be the human player and if the robot will be tall and skinny or short and wide. Fabrication cleaned and sorted out the shop. Later, they assembled gears, discussed a new gear capturing device. The students in programing came up with ideas for the vision of the robot, as well as tested to see if the vision they used was accurate. In electronics, they aided both fabrication and computer applied design. The group also began wiring a prototype of the robot. Media is working on t-shirt designs and updating binders and Internal Affairs is working on the vlog. Outreach is planning a future event and reviewing the Chairman’s Binder.

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