Build season is well underway at the Team 1671’s Nest, both the public relations and technical sides of the team are working hard to finish their tasks! For the past few days the public relations side of the team has worked on a plethora of large and small tasks. Some of the larger projects include planning for the teams open house, designing team shirts, refining a Chairman’s award theme as well as a script for the Chairman’s video. The public relations group has also completed the Lowe’s grant, began planning a future fundraiser with Active Ride Shop, as well as set up a Duplo Drive with Children’s Hospital.

The technical side of the team has also been hard at work with the recent release of this year’s game FIRST® Steamworks. A majority of the groups in the technical group have been working on prototypes for the robot. Prototypes for the team’s shooter, intake, hopper, and feeding mechanisms have been created throughout  the past few days but are for the most part in revision. Through these revisions we will find what works best for our robot and begin creating them in CAD. As well as prototypes, other groups in ST have been working on separate projects. Programming has been beginning vision code for the robot, Fabrication has finalized the building of field elements such as the boiler, and human player station. We will be back with another update of the team’s activities on Friday the 13th!

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