Today at the nest the programming team was running and testing the prototype of the flywheel mechanism.. The Fabrication team is building the hopper and flywheel prototypes while improving the older prototypes. The team is working with sketches of the parts as well as strategizing for the mechanisms and the building process. The CAD/Electronics teams are brainstorming, measuring, planning, and visualizing the flywheel/hopper while discussing the 2 different sizes and designs of the robots. Along with talking about the pros and cons of the two sizes, the group focused on the intake portions of the prototypes, making sure they found out how to connect an intake mechanism to a shooter. Mainly focusing on the high boiler, they patterned their designs after that goal. For a final portion of the day ST members were focusing on  making sure the robot can get the gears onto the pegs. We will be back with another update on Wednesday the eleventh, see you then!

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