Team 1671 Stronghold Kickoff – Jan 9 (Day 1)

Kickoff is here! Kickoff is where FIRST® reveals its annual FIRST Robotics Competition game of 2016, and the six-and-a-half weeks of Build Season begins. At 7:30 am sharp, 74 Buchanan Bird Brains, along with mentors, alumni, and parents, tuned in to this year’s game, FIRST STRONGHOLD. Once we analyzed and dissected the game animation and manual, Team 1671 split up into three groups: strategy, field elements design, and model field design.

In the strategy group, our team developed strategic goals that we wish to accomplish at future competitions. Another portion of the team helped build field elements for prototyping later this season. The third group of the day helped build a model field; we believe this model field will help assist in formulating strategies that we can utilize when we go to competition. We would like to thank our boosters for providing meals throughout this productive day. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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