Team 1671 Stronghold – Jan 11 (Week 1)

Three days into Build Season, our Bird Brains are fully immersed in their projects. We have made strides in determining the design of our robot. Our strategy team established what the mechanisms for our robot will be, and today, we focused specifically on a shooter mechanism. In fabrication, Team 1671 was able to start building field elements, that we will utilize to test different strategies. The Castle, Human Player Station, and pull bar have almost been completed. The Inspirational Recognition side of our team continued the discussions of Project C.U.R.I.E. and worked on the Entrepreneurship Award as well as the Chairman’s Award. We have implemented ST rotations, in which IR members go to learn the parts of the robot. Our CAD team will be receiving a shipment with 5 different kinds of brackets on Wednesday. The Clovis West Robotics team came to our shop to develop strategies for their robot; Team 1671 will continue to share our Nest with the Neon Knights for the next 6 weeks.

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