Team 1671 Stronghold – Jan 15 (Week 1)

The Bird Brains are getting busier now that build season is progressing. The Electronics subgroup has been taking members through the electronics system to make sure they know the function of each part of the electronics system and where it connects. CAD has started to design the drive train and work on another mechanism. Fabrication is assembling platforms(bases for field elements) and the Human Player Station. Programming finished installing software on the roborio and vision code and has helped out Fabrication by making measurements for the Human Player Station, platforms, etc. In our strategy group, team members discussed who will be in charge of the different aspects of the robot; also, they have finalized our strategy for the robot.

In IR, our team has been working hard to complete the Chairman’s Award, Chairman’s Video, and Chairman’s Essay. A few members were also working on the Entrepreneurship Award, Chairman’s Presentation, and Engineering Documentation Binder. To review the numerous rules in STRONGHOLD, the IR members competed in a fun game of Kahoot.

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