Team 1671 Build Season – Feb 18 (Week 6)

Today KSEE 24 and Great Day came by our shop to talk about our team, its history, and open house. The Bird Brains came to the shop early in the morning to get ready for them. Several of our leaders got interviewed by the reporters and did phenomenal! The newscasters were very impressed with what our team can do.

Build season is nearly ending! Programing, CAD, and fabrication are teaming together to assemble DOC VII. Meanwhile, other members of programing are importing codes from the C++ to Java and preparing the vision code. IR is updating the Robotics review and EI binder. Graphics design is proof reading the finished binder pages for Chairman’s. Natalie and Mike, from EECU has stopped by to check out and interview has stopped by to give us a donation and bought two of our Children’s books!

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