January 3rd-4th 2015 | Recycle Rush Build Season

Bird Brains watching intently as the 2015 FRC Game is released at Kickoff.

The Buchanan Bird Brains gathered together at 6:45 a.m. on the 3rd of January to watch the new Kickoff video and find out what this season’s game would end up being, in the Energy Academy at Buchanan. Kickoff is the start to a six week period where the team designs and builds a robot for competition. After it was found out that the new game would be Recycle Rush they moved to the Multi-Purpose Room, also on Buchanan’s campus, to go through the rules of the new game and eat breakfast that was generously donated by some of the team’s parents.

Bird Brains using whiteboards to plan out ideas, discuss rules, and sketching designs.

Soon the team went through their prototypes, strategies, and ideas for the new season throughout the rest of the day, which actually ended early because of the grand progress that was made. They continued the next day by going through their designs, prototypes, and ideas. Among the things prototyped was an intake bot. The CAD team finished a drive train with omni wheels. Field parts were also built to practice with.

A Bird Brain alumni talking to students from Sanger High School, whom we’re taking under our wing and mentoring this year!

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