FRC World Championships 2015 Recap



We were so excited to attend the championships in St. Louis! On the first day of the competition, our robot did not perform as well as we would’ve liked due to the changes we made to our game strategy. But, after a good night’s discussion, the team agreed to use the strategy that we used during the Sacramento Regional to show the other teams that we were a consistently high-scoring team. This proved to be a good change to our strategy when we moved up 20 spots in the rank list. We ended the day ranked 25th out of 76 teams. We felt exhilarated when the 1st alliance members, Team 118 The Robonauts from Texas, and Team 1678 The Citrus Circuits from Davis, California, chose the Bird Brains to be on their alliance. Team 5012 Gryffingear from Palmdale, California later joined our alliance.

WIth every robot on our alliance contributing to the score and performing optimally, our alliance was the winners of our division. We then joined the winners of the other seven divisions to compete and see which alliance put forth the best robots for the entire competition. After intense, nail-biting rounds in the quarter-finals, our alliance moved onto the semi-finals ranked first above the other three alliances. With a bad first match, the alliance of Team 118, 1678, and 1671 had to work extra hard to make it to the finals. Qualifying with a 1.6 point average more than the team ranked above us, our alliance moved on to the finals. The whole team was thrilled to have made it this far in the competition. With two consecutive wins, the alliance of Teams 118, 1678, 1671 and 5012 became the 2015 World Champions. This was the first World Championship win for all the teams in our alliance and we were all delighted beyond words.

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