Build Season 2018 // Blog # 12

Fiesta en el Nido


          Today is January 19th. I could say that today is “just another nonchalant day with the Bird Brains”, but i’d be lying. Every member is hard at work with various tasks except Evan; he’s in a box. Why is he in a box you may ask? Robotics, that’s why. And for those who are wondering about the name of the blog, we’re all having burritos for dinner.

          Getting into more serious business, IR is hard at work with the writing of the Entrepreneurship Award. This award celebrates teams who achieve higher skills of entrepreneurship and prominent abilities of keeping a FIRST robotics team self-sustainable.

         Fabrication is working on gear boxes for the drive training in the robot. CAD is continuing to work on the elevator pivot and are figuring out where sensors will be placed on electronics. Our CEO and other members of  Media met over skype with Team 3132 Thunder from down Under, a team who has won their spot on the chairman’s list. The meeting centered around how our team can improve the Chairman’s script for our video and hoping on raising our chances to win this year’s Chairman award.

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