2018 Build Season // Blog #8

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One week in


            This past week has been the most crucial. The start of build season has brought many achievements, from finalizing basic robot structures to inputting new motion programs. Having each spent 30 hours in the shop this week, the Bird Brains are off to a great start designing new robot parts like our power cube manipulator on this year’s robot.

             Today the Fabrication side of team 1671 is continuing to learn how to use our new Haas machines, building parts for road cases and practice field elements. We have taken extreme precautions for all use of Haas machine operation. Members must attain mandatory 10 hour OSHA Certifications to be able to work in the shop, which some members are finishing up at the moment.

            Our programmers are continuing to make an effort to compose and input an advanced motion program that allows the robot to sense motion effectively and  efficiently. For this year’s game, this program is critical; it is required for the transportation of FIRST Power cubes and a smooth running program makes smoother control of the robot possible, reduces stress on motors, and prevents hard stops. (“Makes it look cooler”-JC)  

            The writing of scripts for our Chairman’s videos has started and is off to a great start! These videos are a complement to our Chairman’s submission, will be shown if we win Chairman’s at the regional level, and also serve as a great short pitch for our team’s outreach that year. We have also started our first draft of the 15,000 character Chairman’s Essay.

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