DOC XV – “The Inspector”

The Game- Destination: Deep Space

Destination Deep Space was created in 2019 and 3,790 teams competed. The field consists of two fields assigned to each alliance. The field has four alliance specific rockets (two for each team) and a two cargo ships (each one assigned to a team). Also, at both ends of the field are HABS which are three staged platforms. The rockets consist of three levels with three levels where two hatch panels and two pieces of cargo can be scored on each level. Game pieces include hatch panels ( circular disks) and cargo (orange rubber balls).Before a match starts, teams can select their robots formation as well as, preload any game piece. At the beginning of the match, sandstorm is initiated for 15 seconds. Sandstorm is a black curtain that restricts the teams view on the field. After this period, Tele-operate begins for 135 seconds. During this period, human players can deliver hatch panels and cargo and teams operate their robots to score. During this period, a hatch panel must be installed before a cargo, if not, the ball will roll out. Every cargo scored is worth 3 points and every hatch panel will be worth 2 points. At the end of the match, during the last 30 seconds, robots can climb onto different level stages on the “HAB”  to earn additional points. A robot ending the match on HAB level one will earn the alliance 3 points, while ending the match on level two will earn 6 points and ending the match on level three will earn 12 points.

Points earned based on actions are described below ->

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Scored A.. During Sandstorm During Teleop Earned Ranking Points
Sandstorm Bonus (Level One) 3 points
Sandstorm Bonus (Level Two) 6 points
Hatch Panel 2 points 2 points
Cargo 3 points 3 points
Hab Climb Bonus (Level One) 3 points
Hab Climb Bonus (Level Two) 6 points
Hab Climb Bonus (Level Three) 12 points
Hab Docking 1 RP
One Complete Rocket 1 RP
Foul 3 points to opposing alliance 3 points to opposing alliance
Tech Foul 10 points to opposing alliance 10 points to opposing alliance
Win 2 RP
Tie 1 RP



DOC XV- “The Inspector”

First, the Buchanan Bird Brains competed at the Central Valley region but despite working hard, ended in rank 17. Then at  the Monterey Regional, Team 1671 accomplished their very first win as alliance captains! The team won this regional with the alliance partners Team 6814, Team 702, and Team 2643! Also at the Monterey Regional, the Buchanan Bird Brains were honored with the Chairman’s Award! These wins set the Bird Brains to Houston, Texas to compete at the World Championships. The team launched into Worlds and competed in the Hopper Division and competed for Chairmans. The team ended as rank 18 and was proud of their performance! The Bird Brains participated at Chezy Champs and ended with a rank of 26. Along with this, the team played at the MadTown Throwdown and ended in rank 8 with alliance partners Team 6465 and Team 973. The team competed at the Capital City Classic and ended as rank 4 with alliance partners Team 1425 and Team 6814.

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