DOC XIV – Scolly

The game- Power Up

Power Up was released in 2018 and 3660 teams competed. In this retro 8-bit themed game, there are two alliances of three. The power cube zone (alliance specific) contains 10 power cubes available to use. The platform zone is an alliance-specific area between the switch and the scale. It also contains 6 power cubes that are available for both alliances to use. The null territory is an alliance specific space that stops opposing teams from interfering with scoring by an alliance team.  The exchange zone is an alliance specific area that restricts opposing robots from blocking access to the area Human Players feed balls to the alliance team. Each alliance has access to two portals at each corner of the alliance station. This are is where Human Players can give robots powers cubes  (up to 7). The Exchange is an area in the alliance section where robots can store or return power cubes. The Vault is located behind the alliance station and here human players can interact with the vault to gain power ups.  Human players can obtain power cubes from robots through the exchange area and place inside the vault to earn power ups. More cubes in a power up leads to a more efficient skill.  Human players can decide when to activate each power up. -Power Up effect in graph below-. On the field are two alliance specific switches and a neutral scale in the center of the field. The plates located on the ends of each scale and switch determine which team is assigned to it and this is determined randomly at the beginning of the round. The first 15 seconds of the round are autonomous and robots can be preloaded with one cargo.Robots can gain cargo through the portal or deliver cargo for the vault. Robots use cargo to gain ownership of switches- 1 point, or 2 points if the Boost Power Up is active. For every second an alliance owns a Switch they gain an additional point. For every power cube an alliance places in their Vault, they gain 5 points. 1 point is earned for every second of ownership over the scale. During the end of the game, if a robot is on the scale and at least 1 foot above the platform, the robot gains 30 points.

Power Up Power Cubes Amount Result when activated
Levitate 3 Alliance earns a free Climb (only if 2 or less robots have earned a Climb)
Force 1 Alliance gains Ownership of Switch
2 Alliance gains Ownership of the Scale
3 Alliance gains Ownership of both Switch and the Scale
Boost 1 Alliance gains double points from Switch
2 Alliance gains double points for the Scale
3 Alliance gains double points from both  Switch and Scale

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DOC XIV- “Scolly”

At the Sacramento Regional Team, 1671 won the Gracious Professionalism Award. At the Central Valley Regional (CVR), the Buchanan Bird Brains won the Judges’ Award, and mentor/Alumni Shahe Der Haroutunian received the Woodie Flowers Award.

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