DOC XIII- Triskaidekaphobia

The Game- Steamworks

Steamworks was released in 2017 and 3357 teams competed. The field consisted of two sides divided by a neutral zone. Each side of the field is called the LaunchPad. Robots begin in the launchpad area. The boiler is located in the corner of the each side and “fuel” can be launched into the low and high efficiency goals. The key is located in front of the the boiler and opposite teams can not occupy this space for more than 5 seconds. Loading lanes are located on the opposite side of their alliance.  Human players load gears and fuel to the robots. The retrieval zone is located in front of the loading lane. Robots can not initiate contact within this area. There are five hoppers stationed around the field. If hoppers are hit by a robot, 2 containers of field are released onto the field. There are two Airships located each in the center of the red and blue field. Each Airship is operated by 2 human players (pilots). On each Airship are 3 lifts and pegs (plastic spike and spring)  for robots to released gears. The gears must be placed on the sides of the Airship. The second rotor requires 2 gears, the third requires 4 gears and the fourth requires 6 gears.  An attached cable to these allows pilots to pull the gears from the pegs. Also on the Airship are davits, which each hold a rope and a Touchpad.  At the end of the game, the robots attempt to climb the ropes connected to the davits. At the top of each davit was a touchpad, only activated if the robot reached the top of the davit.

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DOC XIII- “Triskaidekaphobia”

Team 1671 Competed at the Central Valley Regional, the Sacramento Regional, and the World Championships in Houston Texas with DOC XIII. At the Central Valley Regional the team ranked twenty first with a record of 6-6 and joined the sixth ranked alliance. In the elimination matches the team lost in the quarter finals. However, the team  won the Innovation in Control Award and a Bird Brain was chosen for finalist on the Dean’s list. At the Sacramento Regional the team ranked seventh with a record  of 9-5 and they joined the fourth seeded alliance. In the playoffs the team advanced to the semifinals but eventually fell short. At the event, the team earned the  most prestigious award at the regional, the Chairman’s award. This award allowed the team to travel to Houston for the world championship. At the championships, the team ranked seventh with a record of 8-4. This was a huge accomplishment for our team as it was the first time we were a team captain at the World Championships. Although the team lost in the quarter finals, the overall competition was a huge success. During the offseason the team competed at Chezy Champs and received the Programming award. Along with this, the team competed at MadTown Robots over the offseason; here, the team qualified for finals.

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