DOC X – “DeKa DOC”

The Game- Aerial Assist

Aerial Assist was released in 2014 and 2720 teams competed in this game. The field consisted of two goals on each end and two small goals in the corners of each side of the field. In the middle of the track was a “trust” which is approximately five feet in height. The field is split into three segments, blue, white, and red. The objective was to get the alliance color balls into the goals on the wall of corresponding alliance. A ball in a low goal was 1 point while balls in high goal was 10 points. The game started with a 10 second autonomous mode. During autonomous, each ball scored during this mode got an additional 5 points but an extra 5 points was given if the ball was scored into an illuminated goal. Also during autonomous, if a robot traveled from the white zone into the alliance color zone got an additional five points. Human players place all balls into the field. If robots assist one another more points are earned. If robots throw balls over the “trust” adds 10 points and if an alliance partner catches this throw, 10 more points are added. Goalies can be present to block attempts to make goals.

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 DOC X- “DeKa DOC”

               At the Sacramento Regional, Team 1671 were finalists with alliance members 2085 and 692. Here the team was awarded with the Entrepreneurship Award. At the Central Valley Regional, Doc X was a finalist with alliance members 3970 and 1323. Although facing a defeat in the final round, the team won the Chairmans Award, which allowed the team to advance to the FIRST World Championship. At the FIRST World Championships DOC X ranked 53rd in the Archimedes Division, and Callie Carbajal, a former Bird Brain, became 1 of the 10 Dean’s List Award winners. At Capital Cities Classic, the Bird Brians were finalists with alliance members 2073 and 9498. Here the team was awarded with the Gracious Professionalism Award. At Madtwon Throwdown, the practice bot “Molly” won the off-season event with the alliance members 254 and 973.

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