DOC VII – “In The House”

The Game- Logomotion

             This game was released in 2011 and 2075 teams competed. On the filed, there are four towers located in the middle of the field. Two scoring pegs are on grids in front of each the alliance walls. In the first 15 seconds robots must act through autonomous mode. During autonomous mode, the robot must attempt to score Ubertubes (yellow tubes) onto pegs on the scoring grid. During the game, robots attempt to place game pieces onto the grids-bonus points if it forms the FIRST logo.  Robots can attain points by stacking the shapes on different heights of the rack located on the opposite side of the field. Top row is 3 points, middle row is 2 points, and bottom row is 1 point. Points are doubled if placed on an Ubertube or if it forms the FIRST logo. Minibots must be deployed towards the end of the match to earn 30 points- if the alliance does it first. 

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Doc VII- “In The House”

Team 1671 attended the Sacramento regional where they ranked 5th and became alliance captains. Doc 7 competed continuously until eventually losing in the semifinals.  The team was awarded the Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi. Along with this, the team won the Excellence in Design Award sponsored by Autodesk. 

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