DOC VI – “Black Magic”

The Game- Breakaway

               Breakaway was released in 2010 and 1811 teams competed. In the game, the field was designed with two bumps that divide the field into three zones. Goals are located in the corner of the fields and points are earned by teams scoring in their own goals.  Balls are placed in the field by human players returning balls through a center rail. In the first fifteen seconds of a round, the robots must be in autonomous mode. Teams may travel through tunnels in the center of the field or drive over bumps. Points can be earned by scoring into personal goals. Also, points can be earned at the end of the match by suspending the robot over the center platform. Bonus points are earned if a robot is suspended in the middle of the field by hanging on another robot. 

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DOC VI- “Black Magic”

In the Los Angeles Regional the Bird Brains ranked 53rd! Also, the team received the Excellence in Design Award with the project “A little Bird Told Me”. Along with this, the team won the Gracious Professionalism Award.

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