DOC V – “Ring of Fire”

The Game- Lunacy

Lunacy was released in 2009 and 1677 teams competed. The game was played on a 54’ by 27’ field that was covered in a material called “Regolith”. Robots were required to have a certain wheel that would reduced traction. This mimicked the effect of low gravity. The goal of the game was to place balls called, “moon rock”, “empty cell”, and “super cell” into a trailer on the opposing teams field. Blocking could be done to restrict scoring. Trailers are moved by robots which creates difficult scoring opportunities. “Super cells” can be scored for fifteen points during the last twenty seconds of the match. 

More info can be found at

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 Doc V- “Ring of Fire”

 Doc V was the first robot created by students using CAD. Team 1671 attended the Los Angeles Regional and was picked for elimination matches, but lost after a close match in the semi-finals. The robot was ranked 57th! Doc V also attended the Sacramento regional where it ranked 20th! Although here the robot was not picked for elimination matches. Although facing these losses, the team won the Autodesk Visualization ward for “chloroplast”, the Chrysler Team Spirit Award, and the Website Excellence Award.

Results from the matches can be found at

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