The Game- Ultimate Ascent

              The game Ultimate Ascent was released in 2013 and 2524 teams competed. This games was similar structured like disc gold. On each end of the field was an alliance wall with three different scoring places. Top was three points, middle was 2 points, and bottom was 1 point.In the middle of the field were two pyramids. Bars of the pyramid could be climbed by robots and the top was an additional scoring area (5 points). In the beginning of the the match was a fifteen minute autonomous round. Proloaded robots could score and each end goal would earn twice the amount of points. During the game, robots attempted to score anywhere on the field. Near the end of the match, human players could throw discs and attempt to score more points. At the very end of the match, robots can climb their pyramid for additional points- the higher they go the more points that could be earned. 

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             Doc 9 competed at the Central Valley and Sacramento regional. At the Central Valley Regional, Team 1671 ranked eighth and advanced to the elimination rounds. After much competing, the team lost in the quarterfinals. Although facing a lost, the team won the Engineering Inspiration Award which then allowed the team to advance  to the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis. At the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Doc 9 ranked 68th in the Newton Division. at MadTown Throwdown, an offseason event in Madera, Doc IX placed 2nd with alliance team members 971 and 1836.

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