DOC IV – “The Blizzard”

The Game- Overdrive

Overdrive was released in 2008 and 1501 teams competed. In this game the field consisted of a fifty-four foot carpeted track which was divide by a fence in the middle. In the beginning, teams are given 15 seconds of autonomous movement, in which teams are tasked with responding to “Robocoaches” signals. Teams then have two minutes to race around the circular track with their designated “trackballs” (colored balls). These trackballs have to be retrieved by  retrieving them down from an overhead bar. Teams would score points by crossing the finish line, with the option to push trackballs across the finish line  and the option to advance the ball over the median bar when crossing the finish line.

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Doc IV- “The Blizzard”

At this point in time, the team had grown to be run by forty students! Doc IV competed at the San Diego Regional where team 1671 was picked for elimination rounds. Although competing strongly, team 1671 lost in the quarterfinals. Although facing that lost, the animation side of the team won the Autodesk Visualization Award for the piece “Stormbreakers”. 


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