DOC III – “Rudy”

The Game- Rack ‘N’ Roll

Rack ‘N’ Roll was released on January 6, 2007 and 1305 teams competed. The game consisted of three segments in a total of 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I the beginning 15 seconds teams are challenged with an autonomous round where robots attempt to place “keepers” (lettered tubes) onto a rock – can only be done during autonomous. During the next 2 minutes teams can venture anywhere on the field. Teams attempt to place “ringers” (undecorated tubes) onto racks for 2 points. Rows of tubes can be scored for more points. Robots can also use “spoilers” ( black tubes) cause the row of tubes behind it to be worthless. However, spoilers can be repositioned to retain lost points. During the last 15 seconds, robots are restricted to their original side. The winner is determined by the alliance that received the most points.

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 Doc III – “Rudy”

Team 1671 attended the Sacramento Regional but did not compete in any elimination matches. The team did not receive any awards during this point in time. However, the 1671 robot had an autonomous mode for the first time! The team continued to grow and learn from FIRST competition.

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