The Game- Aim High 

Aim High was released in 2006 and a total of 1133 teams competed. The goal of Aim High Robots was to score points by shooting balls into a raised goal (middle of the field) (3 points) or on a ground level goal (sides of field) (1 point). The game consisted of four 4o-second long rounds where teams alternated being defense or offense. In the beginning there is a ten second autonomous mode where robots can score into the three goals on the field- 10 points can be earned for scoring the most points during this time. Robots could also receive points by staying on a platform below the mid-goal at the end of the match- if all robots are on the platform, 25 points can be earned. The winner was determined by the amount of accumulated points at the end of round 4.

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Doc 2- “TLAR”

DOC ll competed at the Sacramento Regional but did not compete as well as anticipated. The robot faced seven dead matches and a spontaneous fire mid-match. The team strived on and attempted to redesign the robot but the team continued to face difficulties.The team learned from this experience and continued to participate in FIRST®



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