Click here to sign our team code of ethics.

As stated on the form, being a member includes these conditions.

I agree to comply with the rules and policies outlined in the Team Handbook. I understand in order to become a member of the team, I must attend mandatory events.I understand the equipment used in the shop are dangerous and can cause serious harm and/or injury if not used correctly. I understand that members are not permitted to use any piece of equipment unless a director or mentor is present in the facility. I understand certain tools can only be used by those who are certified.If my parents have signed the liability release/consent form, I will follow the rules outlined. I will only ride in a car driven by an adult mentor, faculty advisor, approved parent or student, or myself to any robotics function. By joining the team, I agree that I am willingly allowing my image, name, and/or comment(s) to be used in any team publications (videos, pictures, statements, etc. I understand that violating any of the policies listed above is punishable, and may result in suspension or permanent dismissal from the team.